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Easy as 1, 2, 3...

To image with any our systems you simply need to become a member of the site, we have three options to choose from below

1 - For Individuals

  • Silver Membership - Free for Life*

Simply join our site for FREE and image away with any of our 12 telescopes at the normal non discounted PAYGO rate.

2 - For Individuals

  • Gold Membership - €200 anually*

You can join as a full Gold member for a 12 month period at €200 anually. This like the Silver membership entitles you to use all 12 telescopes but at a much lower hourly rate.

Being a Gold member the discounts you'll receive on our hourly rate will more than cover the monthly membership fee in your first imaging session. Let alone the savings you will make on multiple images throughout the year.

3 - For Multi User Groups & Professionals

  • Platinum Membership - €400anually

You can join as a pro/group member for a 12 month period at €400 anually.

This entitles 1 person from your team to use our equipment.
You will be entitled to the same discounted rates as Gold members.
Multiple users within any group will require multiple memberships!

4 - The ultimate package

  • Rhodium Membership- €5000anually

You can join as a rhodium member for a 12 month period at €5000 anually.

  • Access to all spare data taken on non hosted Piers + Pete & Steve Specials etc

  • Includes membership to Pier 1, 2, 3, 5 and 14 Syndicates

  • Free Gold membership

  • €2000 worth of vouchers @ gold discount rates to spend on hourly time on Piers 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 15 **

** Vouchers will be split into a donomination of your choice at the start of your Rhodium membership, ie €10, €50, €100 or even €500 etc but only one voucher can be applied per Gold hourly order placed

The Nuts & bolts

Our location:

Latitude:   38° 13' 10.89" North
Longitude:   6° 37' 54.32" West
Altitude:   560 metres
Timezone: Western Europe

We recommend joining/using Telescopius as a wonderful free resource for choosing objects when remote deep sky imaging, if you join this site you will be able to add our location in favourites as well as your home location. At a glance you will see what deep sky objects are available, visual representations, what times they rise, set & how high they get. This website also has even more powerful tools like adding telescopes, Cameras and FOV’s which will help plan your imaging goals with Roboscopes :)

After you have placed your order your image request will be added to our system which prioritises orders based on an algorithm that takes into account lots of factors like;

  • Horizon Limits

  • Meridian

  • Moon below horizon

  • Rising & Setting times

  • Moon avoidance in relation to chosen filters

Broadband filters orders generally take longer to complete than narrowband orders as the moon has less of an impact with narrowband imaging which allows you to gather more narrowband data throughout the month. Hydrogen Alpha for instance is very forgiving even with a full moon.

Depending upon some of the above as well as weather and sky conditions it may take anything from 7-28 days to deliver your data so when booking please use foresight and don’t book an object setting on the west not long after astronomical dark or one that only rises to 30degree above the horizon for 90 minutes. In essence be smart about it 😀

 Please choose objects that are rising or on the east side or closer to the meridian. If on the west side make sure they are placed high in the sky as it will give us the ability to complete your order in a timely manner. If however, you still book an object while ignoring our recommendations we will do our best to fufill your request unless we feel it is an impossible  task.

  • Our booking form will give suggestions for sub lengths for each filter depending on type of target you choose, LRGB Narrowband, Dark nebular etc. Expert users will obviously choose there own sub lengths

  • The booking form also contains field of view as well as pixel scale measurements

  • Our equipment page has real world examples of the FOV using well known objects  to help with subject selection.

  • Online library of calibration files for standard sub lengths, special calibration files lengths are available upon request

  • Upon completion of your order you will be emailed a link to download your data from, this link will remain live for 2 weeks

  • Please be aware our booking form is charged by the hour, if you choose over 3600seconds in total in imaging time you will be charged for the next full hour on so on!

  • Each pier has a FREE standard dark library that correlate to the most common subs lengths used, if you choose more individual sub lengths then please add darks to your imaging run in checkout

* Astronomy clubs/Societies, professional institutes, Universities and other teaching bodies are excluded from our two standard memberships as they do not cater for the higher level of usage a multi member or professional user group requires. Any parties found using individual memberships for this type of use will have their account closed*

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