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Our Managed Hosting - What's it all about?

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Managed or Standard hosting?

We think it's a personal decision with no right or wrong answers, it's down to the individual user to decide what suits their needs and imaging goals best. After all, getting the most out of your hobby/passion is what we all want, right?

We have simply made a few bullet points for a potential customer in order to help them make an informed choice rather than get into something that has ramifications they were not aware of with either option.

At Roboscopes we chose "managed" because for us its it seemed the sensible option as most users in essence want to pick a target, sub length etc. get the image taken as efficiently a possible and then get on with what they really enjoy doing...

Processing beautiful images with quality data :)

Managed hosting

  • More time to process images

  • I will say time once again as it is your greatest enemy, it can take many months for a first time installer to arrange all this yourself, get the installation to a standard where it is reliable every night. We know of some people that still struggle after almost 2 years

  • No extra outlay for software or any instalation & control equipment, this alone can run into many thousands of Euros if you do it yourself

  • No need to worry about the complexity of running a remote IP based installation with all the required reliability. Learning the complex scripting languages required for remote imaging - Ensuring you are collecting data whenever possible :)

  • Powerful automation software combined with our knowledge so you are aquiring data whenever possible.

  • Imaging portal area to place jobs and keep track of acquisition progess and a Help desk for queries etc

  • We can install your equipment please contact for a quotation - so no need to waste your precious vacation time

  • Proven reliable company with a track record in running remote installations

  • Zero gremlins - that’s our job to deal with and get your system up and running without an average person’s countless revisits to iron out unforeseen issues

  • Access to a Private Discord forum & Telegram comms section, so you are always upto speed!

Standard Hosting

  • Autonomy - you get control over everything from start to finish

  • Freedom - it will be easier to swap out your equipment to go down a different route at a moment’s notice

  • Time - it may be a challenge you have always dreamt of or you simply have retired now so have more time to dedicate to a project like this as for the right person it can be rewarding.

  • You get to do the full installation, arrange delivery and set up all the software, models etc.

  • You will also have to pay for a heavy duty pier which will cost anything from €500-800

  • If you are technically endowed, you get to fight the good fight, battle through all the remote installation gremlins and may even learn a new skillset, not to mention visit a remote sunny location a few times :)

  • You will be able to choose your own software to suit your needs

  • You can even choose to run your telescope manually and watch it working every night

  • You can change this at the drop of a hat if you decide to image a different object that night

  • Some may feel more involved with this option and yes we get that, however in our experience most imagers set their equipment running at the start of the night using a "remote desktop" application then leave it running!

Pier 7 - Managed Hosting

€400pm based on 12 months Subscription

Pier 9 - Managed Hosting

€450pm based on 12 months Subscription

Pier 10 - Managed Hosting

€450pm based on 12 months Subscription

Pier 12 - Managed Hosting

€400pm based on 12 months Subscription

Pier 13 - Manged Hosting

€450pm based on 12 months Subscription

Pier 15 - Manged Hosting

€400pm based on 12 months Subscription

What We Supply
PC & telescope control software

A High Grade Mini PC with mounting system, extra USB's & RS232 connection, including all required telescope control software. plus 80Tb of combined backup space.

Hardware Control

Mount Hub Pro V4 - A robust solution for equipment power switching, peripheral USB's & Dew control

Cabinet & Control Equipment

Compact 19" Rack Cabinet for worry free control of your equipment, Rack mount IP Based Relay switching, 12v power supply, Gigabyte Network Switch, UPS

Observatory Roof & weather

We supply the location, skies & a dedicated building with full weather safeties


We have roof and door monitors, on site CCTV & a perimeter fence with IR beam , Our insurance covers fire and theft but not accidental damage or force majeure. We strongly recommend that you take out specialist telescope insurance as its very reasonable to purchase.

What You Supply

Up to 12" F/4 Newtonian, 130mm APO or 12" RC


Paramount MX, ME 10Micron GM2000 or similar 50kg sized mount suitable for remote use*

Camera ETC

Camera, Focuser, Guider, OAG, Filters and Filter wheel if used. In essence the whole imaging rig

Cables & Power

Good quality USB & Power interconnect cables, we can supply for you at a reasonable charge if needed.


We strongly recommend that you take out specialist telescope insurance as its very reasonable to purchase anyway.

We Can Also Offer Combined Hosting & Equipment Rental/purchase, please contact us for more details

For those that need a little more info....

Up until now we have been proud to offer industry-beating prices for our shared (syndicated) and rent-by-the-hour telescopes.
We have years of experience allowing us to get the absolute best out of a remote telescope, allowing our members to capture images that would be really hard to achieve at home. We always felt that scope hosting was something we would like to branch out to…........So we have!

As you’d expect from Roboscopes, our hosting is a little different to everyone else's offerings of "standard" hosting :)

In a nutshell, we host your equipment at our Roboscopes site with Bortle 2 skies and 200+ clear nights a year and the best part is we do all the behind the scenes admin and boring grunt work for you. Leaving you to do what you enjoy best, processing beautiful images.

Most remote telescope companies will allow you to host your own equipment at their site. Some may even offer a shared roof! This is a fantastic way to get the most out of your equipment from any dark sky location - If you have the technical knowledge, the experience and the time to set the system up. Or maybe you just like a challenge? then go for it!

However, if like most astrophotographers you’re not an expert at remote imaging set-ups, Network protocals, roof control and scripting, then you are in for months and months are headaches and repeated maintenance journeys to get your system operational. So what could a keen imager do who wants to do remote imaging but does not have the time, expertise or inclination for all the above?

Well, you could consider a Roboscopes 'Managed" Telescope hosting package! We can arrange to take your gear out to a world-class dark site and get it all set up for your exclusive use.

We can save you the time, the learning curve and multiple trips to a miles-away dark-site to fix something that’s not working or you forgot to do. Again & again.

Hosting on a whole new level...

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