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Pick your Syndicate

  • Choose a syndicate, we have single, dual, triple combinations.

  • We prefer small syndicates, so the maximum membership is 8 members per syndicate

  • Collaborate with other syndicate members what to image for the year

  • 18 Hours of personal project imaging time per month* + 6 extra data sets per QTR - collaborated with other members for larger projects etc (weather allowing)

  • Use our free Discord forum & Telegram Channel

  • Enter it into our Image competition and maybe win a prize

Receive your Data

  • Download your data - Via our Google Drive Interface

  • Data remains on Google Drive for 14 days

  • Calibration Data remains on Google Drive for 1-Year

  • Process in to a masterpiece!

  • Share with the world

  • Enter it into our Image competition and maybe win a prize

  • Pier-1

    10" Corrected Dall Kirkam

  • Pier-3

    ASA 12n F3.6 Astrograph

  • Pier-5

    Takahahshi Epsilon 180 Astrograph

  • Pier-8

    Planewave 17" & L500 Mount

  • Pier-14

    Takahahshi Epsilon 160 Astrograph

The Nuts & Bolts of Syndicates

Our location:

Latitude:   38° 13' 10.89" North
Longitude:   6° 37' 54.32" West
Altitude:   560 metres
Timezone: Western Europe

Broadband filters orders generally take longer to complete as the moon has more of an impact. Narrowband imaging is less susceptible on the whole, which allows you to gather more narrowband data throughout the full Lunar month. Hydrogen Alpha for instance is very forgiving even with a full moon.

To that end, our powerful imaging algorithms are based upon the key points below to get you the most of your membership

  • Horizon Limits


  • Moon below horizon

  • Rising & Setting times

  • Moon avoidance in relation to chosen filters

  • Filter Based Prioritization

  • Choose Objects Rising on the East

At Roboscopes, on the whole, we are a very easy-going and accommodating bunch but joining a syndicate does require a few simple user rules put in place so all members to get the most out of their membership. Most of the rules below revolve around, communication and utilizing our resources properly to optimize productivity.

Most of all, remember a syndicate is a team approach to imaging, not one person's search for the holy grail!

So, talk, work together and use our system wisely to reap the benefits whilst having fun and make some wonderful images :)

  • A maximum of 8 members per syndicate

  • 24 Collaborated jobs inputted into the system for the year, inputted 6 per QTR, Potential candidates for the following QTR are suggested by Roboscopes+members & voted on by during the previous QTR#

  • Each member can request up to 18 hours per month for personal datasets (based upon our SNR calculator)

  • Members can collaborate their personal allotted imaging time to do joint projects, this is actively encouraged :)

  • Each syndicate member has access to all data sets taken

  • Wherever possible, a job has to be run through our SNR calculator in order to calculate the best imaging time required for an object*

  • Use our sub length calculator to get the best sub lengths for each filter**

  • Use our filter calculator to determine the filter split***

  • Wherever possible, book jobs rising on the East side in order to get the maximum amount of sky time in order to collect the data

  • Members use more of the sky to allow for moon avoidance over the month rather than image in just one area

  • All data will be shared the following day via Google Drive & Stored for 14 days

  • Each pier has a full set of calibration files

  • We have two seasonal wet seasons in Spain, a shorter late autumn one, and a longer 4-8 week unsettled period mid-spring.

  • Acts of god, severe weather systems (global warming) etc are out of our control

  • Access to our new Telegram & Discord information channels with daily & weekly progress reports (members will need to join telegram & Discord)

  • If we find the pier does have extra headroom, we could add some standard jobs, mosaics or collaborations into the pier & the odd "Steve special" job.

  • See terms and conditions for more details

*Our new calculator tool will be online very soon and will allow you to work out imaging times for most objects, certain very dim specials & unusual objects may need to invoke advice from Roboscopes staff or use of the common sense/experience approach :)
**Our Sub-length calculator uses the sensor/filters/telescope and our sky location to determine the desired sub lengths for your chosen object
***Our filter split calculators uses the filter & camera sensor response to determine the correct split for each broadband filter, for narrowband we have a very handy calculator to help you achieve the desired effect/balance
# Seasonal weather patterns and rainy seasons can have an effect on how much data we can collect at certain times of the year

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