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Pick your Syndicate

  • Choose which one of our existing syndicates you wish to join we have single, dual, triple combinations and you can even join them all

  • Discuss with other syndicate members what objects you want to image and create a target list

  • Become an active part of the syndicate forum area and talk "Astro Imaging" with like minded people throughout our syndicates as we have 5, above all else you are joining an imaging club so enjoy :)

  • We have syndicate specific tools to help you keep track of pier submissions and queue list. This way you can keep track of how your data is being gathered and what percentage is finished on each data set

Receive your Data

  • Download your data - it will be in your "My Dashboard" area

  • Data remains on our servers for 2-4 weeks.

  • Process in to a masterpiece!

  • Share with the world

The Nuts & bolts

Our location:

Latitude:   38° 13' 10.89" North
Longitude:   6° 37' 54.32" West
Altitude:   560 metres
Timezone: Western Europe

We recommend joining/using Telescopius as a wonderful free resource for choosing objects when remote deep sky imaging, if you join this site you will be able to add our location in favourites as well as your home location. At a glance you will see what deep sky objects are available, visual representations, what times they rise, set & how high they get. This website also has even more powerful tools like adding telescopes, Cameras and FOV’s which will help plan your imaging goals with Roboscopes :)

After you have become a syndicate member you simply make suggestion for subjects to image etc and we will add the most popular ones to the telescope database. Our system automatically prioritises data based on an algorithm that takes into account lots of factors like;

  • Horizon Limits

  • Meridian

  • Moon below horizon

  • Rising & Setting times

  • Moon avoidance in relation to chosen filters

Broadband filters orders generally take longer to complete than narrowband orders as the moon has less of an impact with narrowband imaging which allows you to gather more narrowband data throughout the month. Hydrogen Alpha for instance is very forgiving even with a full moon.

Depending upon some of the above as well as weather and sky conditions it may take anything from 7-28 days to deliver your data so when booking please use foresight and don’t book an object setting on the west not long after astronomical dark or one that only rises to 30degree above the horizon for 90 minutes. In essence be smart about it 😀

 Please choose objects that are rising or on the east side or closer to the meridian. If on the west side make sure they are placed high in the sky as it will give us the ability to complete your order in a timely manner.

  • Each member has access to all data sets taken for his/her chosen syndicate telescope

  • You as the synicate member choose what the elscope images

  • Roboscopes are also able to make image suggestions using CCD navigator  as it shows FOV per subject, max transit height and sky position on a month by month basis

  • All data sets are available for 14 days in your "My dashboard" area

  • Each pier has a a full set of calibration files

    1. Darks
    2. Flats
    3. Bias
  • The amount of data sets you will receive for your chosen syndicate is determined by all syndicate users.

    EG if all syndicate users want 20 hours of integration time per data set you will receive less image sets per year than if your required average integration time is 10 hours

  • We have two seasonal wet seasons in Spain, a shorter late autumn one as well as a longer 4-8 week or so unsettled period mid spring.

  • Acts of god, severe weather systems (global warming) etc are out of our control

  • If syndicate members fail to add subjects to image then Roboscopes will add subjects on your behalf to the database to keep your chosen telescope imaging on a nightly basis. we cannot be held responsible for the subjects chosen if you do not like them.

    Choose your own if thats the case :)

  • See terms and conditions for more details

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