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  Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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Hello all
i ve spotted a few very old jobs , scheduled before priority system. 
001156 p14 Rosette 961
001193 p14 Witches Head
001194 p14 ic443 1076

they seems to not progressing even if object is now at prime targetting time. 

I ve resubmit some , with reduced part to get these target done .  It will made some additional data if old jobs ever finished. 
i think to remove the job 1194 as it as only 2h done . 

also , i think i will now submit smal request with v1 v2 v3 , so we can have partial result , and adding more data month after month.   I prefer my self this sort of workflow than waiting for months a Huge process that will be overwhelming to process . 


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