Sunday, 03 September 2023
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Imaging Calculator -  Click Here

This is the first part of a new page we are building, these are preliminary findings and we may tweak some of the settings a small amount over the next few weeks but in reality this will get 90% of our members much closer to the balance needed for each pier and make post processing far easier for RGB and Narrowband because you are not gathering far to much signal in any one channel

There are many things we are yet to add and a lot of it Manuel is still working on

Some of the things to come in the near future

  • Calculator for OSC piers including a calculator for the dual band filters
  • Mono piers - Sub length calculator based upon Telescope F/ratio -SNR - SQM (sky darkness) - Sensor sensitivity etc
  • Total integration time calculator to get the best out of the system before diminishing returns rule comes into play

All of the above testing has been done by Manuel behind the scenes and has been quite exhaustive, when he has a moment or two he will know doubt make an extensive forum post outlining his testing and findings

Please have a look and see what you think, any questions we will do our best to help

Steve & the team



Please ignore my dylexia wherever possible, just be thankful I can control my Tourettes ;)

Things to do, so little time!

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