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  Monday, 14 March 2022
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I would like to submit this target and would like to know if there is any interest. Our previous attempt I now strongly believe failed to clearly show Ou4, the squid, due to the O3 filter and its inability to properly isolate the O3. The new 3nm filter with its tighter bandwidth should make a huge difference and therefore I believe will give us a superior result using far less integration time. An initial total of say 10 to 12 hours integration time, with a follow up submission if needed, based upon the initial results.

Any feedback gratefully received. 



4 months ago

Comment on the Seahorse: ... As I had already submitted a similar pan for the Seahorse, I will ask the Steve/Phil to adjust the coordinates a bit.



4 months ago

Hi Ray and Pier 14 syndicate members,

completely agree, and I am looking forward to this. Indeed, I had started on this with my backyard setup using the Optolong L-eXtreme filter and an OSC and a somewhat smaller FoV. I could make out the Squidy, but clearly, I am looking forward to he approach you suggest and get a nice image of this target.

As an adjunct target, may I suggest the Seahorse dark nebula (LDN 1082), which is a bit West of the Bat&Squidy. The pane could be set to have the same DEC as the Bat&Squid, and then an RA that would allow to also encompass both NGC 6946 & NGC 6939.

Each of the Bat&Squid and the Seahorse panes are nice standalone images, that could be combined in a "panorama" (or 2x1 mosaic) for those who wish to do so.

Target Pane  RA  DEC  Overlap
Bat&Squid Pane 1 21 06 23 60 07 40 ~22% with LDN 1982
LDN 1082 / NGC 6946 / NGC 6939 Pane 1 20 44 00 60 07 40 ~22% with Bat&Squid

Looking forward to views on this suggestion.

All the best


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