Thursday, 31 August 2023
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I would like to schedule a few hours on Pier-8 after the moon goes away to image the Ghost nebula, SH 2-136, which is pretty dim.  I discovered when I accidentally put in a request for the Pelican Nebula during a full moon, that the staff helpfully delays until the moon recedes a bit.  For a dim object like this should I hold off putting my order in until the new moon is approaching and hope I make it?  Or should I just put in the request now to get in line early, trusting the staff to wait until it is sufficiently dark? 

Also, if anyone has suggestions on how I should proceed with this I would welcome them.  I am planning to do an hour each of Lum, R, G, and B, but that is a wild ass guess.  I am basing that on a guy who made a beautiful image (with more hours in a Bortle 5-6 location) who mentioned that lum was key to his success.

3 months ago

It needs more data than that in my opinion, a lot depends upon the speed of the scope you are using, this scope is F/6.8

We have moon avoidance implemented as standard, although you can specify moon down in the job request if you prefer



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