For hourly orders, this queue is just a reference point so that customers can view progress of their orders, if your order is showing as 100%, it does not mean it's ready - it will need to be inspected first to make sure your data is ok and we may resubmit all, or parts of the job. In these cases the percentage number may decrease.

If any job that you have been waiting for is no longer in the queue, this means your data has been checked and will be uploaded to your dataset portal within a few days. Please do not open a ticket to chase up your order unless it has been 7 days since it left the queue.

For Syndicate or managed hosting orders, any job that is at 100% will be sent to you as is and the respective submission marked as completed, we aim to do this within 3-5 working days. Any additional frames needed, or reruns can just be resubmitted.

Pier 3 - Joblist - SPAIN

Subject Name / Submission# SubsTotal IntegrationAmount CompletedPendingDeferred
2039 p3 Helix Steve Special101047.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2041 p3 ngc2359 126057027.00h51.9%0.0%48.1%
2043 p3 m16-2 108512010.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2093 p3 sh2-101 108616811.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2104 p3 ngc772 1085403.33h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2180 p3 ngc1499 108518012.00h16.7%0.0%83.3%
2183 p3 WR134 108515010.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2189 p3 ic5068 108528014.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2198 p3 sh2-115 116918615.50h93.8%0.0%6.3%
2199 p3 lbn999 126051017.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2325 p3 LDN865 116945016.50h5.6%77.8%16.7%
2336 p3 IC5146 NB 199912010.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2353 p3 IC410 108619810.50h91.7%0.0%8.3%
2369 p3 W134 126060520.17h8.7%0.0%91.3%
2403 p3 ic410 10861996.95h40.0%0.0%60.0%
2409 p3 sh2-223 10862279.28h58.3%0.0%41.7%
2418 p3 m78 ha 1215602.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2419 p3 m78 o3 12151203.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2424 p3 LBN471 13501407.00h25.0%0.0%75.0%
2425 p3 LBN471 13501507.50h75.0%0.0%25.0%
2465 p3 ic1396 1215502.50h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2466 p3 ngc2281 1215613.05h75.0%0.0%25.0%
2469 p3 LBN912 10862018.02h58.3%0.0%41.7%
2470 p3 m77 1350602.00h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2476 p3 m78 12157050.0min0.0%0.0%100.0%
2495 p3 LBN863 109845022.50h0.0%0.0%100.0%
2501 P3 NGC4216 1215802.67h66.7%0.0%33.3%

List Updated On: 2024-02-23 10:01:02

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