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  Thursday, 11 August 2022
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An ex-member here now not allowed to post on your section of the forum, so I hope you don't mind me reminding you of something Steve mentioned a short while ago.

Anyway, have you looked at the recent M57 image in the gallery posted by Manuel? There is an  earlier rendition of this by Peter captured on pier 3 which is really astounding by revealing just how much Ha surrounds it. Something rarely seen if you browse the Internet for this object. The image by Manuel on pier 1 being more of a close up, clearly shows a detailed view that again is not often posted on the Internet, and I was astonished by just how much it revealed.

I do recall what Steve mentioned when he submitted that job to pier 1, so I wonder if members there might accept the challenge. Given the law of diminishing returns, you'd likely need to capture as much of the narrowband data as Steve did over again.

Perhaps something to discuss amongst yourselves. :)





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