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  Thursday, 11 August 2022
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Hi all

We have tweaked our settings a little today to take into account moon down jobs and to give narrowband more imaging time as the moon gets past first quarter

the previous settings have been leaving some HA jobs in the system while imaging RGB while the moon is in larger phases, so we are amending this small glitch with a small change to Luminance and RGB filters settings

The new moon down priority setting for hosting and syndicate member is to be used with thought and sparingly :)

Moon avoidance:

Lum - 120 & 14
G,B & OSC 120 & 10
Red - 110 & 10
OIII - 110 & 5
SII - 100 & 5
HA - 85 & 5


0 = HA + OSC
1 = SII OIII + (moon down jobs - using OSC cameras)*
2 = RGB
3 = Luminance + (moon down jobs - using Mono cameras)*
4 = Comets

*Syndicate & hosting members only setting - Choosing moon down when booking a job requires careful thought, especially with objects that have limited time over the horizon limits. it should never be used for all jobs as its simply not a good use of the pier.

These new setting come into effect for all bookings from today 11/08/22


Please ignore my dylexia wherever possible, just be thankful I can control my Tourettes ;)

Things to do, so little time!

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