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  Sunday, 19 September 2021
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Hi all . 
i cant see any new dataset since 01/09/2021 on the ftp of pier1 althought some jobs have been completed since. (as job 1143). 
is only me or no upload have been done ? 

1 year ago
Ok , i can see the two pane Wizard Mosic , i will ask for supression of  my job has it as not started yet
Hi Florent, 

Just a couple of things I hope you don't mind me mentioning. 

On the job list for pier 1 you have a submission for le Sorcier, ngc7380, #1187. Subsequent to that and probably something you weren't aware of, is that a submission for a 2 panel mosaic of the Wizard, ngc7380, has been made. These are 1203 and 1204 and Richard did advise us of this beforehand as a suggestion for a mosaic. You can view these submissions but the only clue on what they are for are the coordinates. We've all done it, maybe missed entering something prior to completing a submission, and that unfortunately is the name of the object in this case. Similarly it is not possible to know the common name for all the popular nebulae, so Richard would not have realised ngc7380 was the Wizard. I'll stop before I completely disappear down the hole I'm digging. :) 

Sorry but there's something else, which I nearly forgot. We captured on Pier 14 a nebula called the Flying bat, my French doesn't extend that far I'm afraid. Within is a faint object rich in oxygene, called the Squid aka ou4. Please refer to the Pier 14 advisory posting starting from post #3498 if you have any interest. 

Hope you are well, 


1 year ago
Pete has been checking them over the last few days, we are just a little behind slewing other Dragons  behind the scenes :(

No doubt once Pete says yes all is OK then Phil will get them zipped up sharpish


Please ignore my dylexia wherever possible, just be thankful I can control my Tourettes ;)

Things to do, so little time!

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