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Hi All

What are the filters on the pier 14 are the the 3nm ones at the top of the description or the 7-8.5nm ones at the bottom?  

This clearly has an effect on the sub length that I will choose.

What are people's preferences for the degree of clipping in stars vs number of subs required to attain a reasonable SNR?

I've seen NB subs at 240s on the pier providing 3% clipping in reasonably dense starfields from the data I have just downloaded

You guys have the experience on acquiring data from the kit so I would appreciate your feedback on this






1 year ago


Its called, I may have missed the textual change in a section :)

They are Antlia 3nm, just for ref the longest exposure is 300s in narrowband as p14 does not need more than this and its also an unguided system

LRGBHOS filters

Clipping, not sure what you mean ?


Please ignore my dylexia wherever possible, just be thankful I can control my Tourettes ;)

Things to do, so little time!

Roboscopes Tea Boy

1 year ago

Hello Paul, 

Welcome to Roboscopes, Presumably you are talking about Signal Clipping and signal to noise ratios. To be honest I  never really look to closely at the maths as there can be too many variables with sky conditions including transparency and moon avoidance. I have found plenty of signal in all of the data I have processed and often surprised how far I am able to push things. Generally I find 180s for most narrowband objects are good with the new Cmos, an no longer than 300s on some of the really faint objects. 

You are welcome to put in test frames to aid exposure choice. I am sure there will be many interested in seeing what you find.

Kind regards


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