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IC1848 was created by Mike

IC1848 also known under the name Soul nebula.
Imaged with pier 6 consisting of a Takahashi FSQ106 and the full color ZWO ASI 2600MC CMOS camera.
The exposure time is relatively short, I had to delete frames due to high clouds.
So I used only 15 subs of 300 seconds.
Nearly in the right down corner there is a faint deep yellowish nebula visible.
It's the galaxy Maffei 2 discovered in 1968 during surveys in the far infrared.
The extinction in this part of the sky is 5 magnitudes caused by the moleculair clouds of the Milkey way..
The distance to this galaxy is estimated to be 10 million lightyears.
Apparent visible magnitude 16, without the extinction it would have been magnitude 11.
The fact that this can be recorded in only 75 minutes shows the power of the ZWO CMOS camera and the quality of the night sky in Fregenal de la Sierra.

Mike van den Berg

11 Aug 2021 16:20

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