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Couple of early images from Pier 14

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Couple of early images from Pier 14 was created by NoMoreCloudyNights

An early issue with the setup, now fixed, meant that I could only make a Ha image from the Spaghetti Nebula (Simeis 147 or Sh 2-240). Fortunately Peter's superb full colour rendition of this wonderful nebula has now disappeared off of this first page of images, so you'll have to search for it should you wish to compare.  This is made up of 51 x 300s exposures in Ha. I just couldn't get anything worthwhile from the o3 data, and finally gave up trying.

That of M31 is also in B&W as there were no Blue filter subs. Didn't fancy trying to emulate a synthetic one, so there it is in glorious B &W.

Pleased with the huge fov this setup gives, and the reasonable level of detail. 

Hope everyone is fine and for some clear skies real soon.

16 Feb 2021 22:00

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Replied by simonnickydowning on topic Couple of early images from Pier 14

I think these are superb images Ray, even though they are monochrome. I really like them and I think the detail is very good. Unfortunately I am not privy to this data from this scope because I would really like to have a go at the spaghetti, but I'm very pleased have found your versions this morning. I hope you are well... Simon
28 Feb 2021 06:57

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