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WebDisk Please Note:

  • Passwords for all Syndicates and Rhodium are changed every Sunday at 7AM GMT.
  • Please do not keep retrying if passwords fail as the server will ban you, which would result in you being unable to access Roboscopes until we remove the ban.
  • Please access the web disk from th elinks in Nexus -> My Memberships
  • Please be mindful of this process whenever using the WebDisk.

Dataset Timings:

  • We would like to remind all users that datasets are only stored on our server for 28 days.
  • Datasets for Syndicates are checked daily and any over 28 days old will be removed.
  • Personal Datasets are checked every Sunday and any over 28 days old will be removed.
  • We retain backups of Personal Datasets and in some circumstances will reupload it if a user asks, however this is contingent on us still actually having the dataset.
  • Syndicate datasets are only backed up for aslong as they are on the server - beyond that we cannot reupload a dataset - this is due to the sheer size of some of these datasets.


Phil McCauley
Roboscopes General Technical Admin

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