Friday, 12 May 2023
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I wonder if members of Pier-14 fancy a change/Upgrade?

Option 1

Takahashi Epsilon E-130D F3.3 Astrograph, We have one on Pier-6 now and we love it. its as fantastic scope with superb correction and no bad points. It will offer much better correction on and off axis over the current FSQ106. if you choose this option we can do it on the next visit mid June which again wont impact upon imaging time because of it being June LOL

With the 35mm 6200 sensor it's a much wider FOV than you have at present and it all depends if that's what you want

Option 2

OS R2000 F/3 with ASI 6200 35mm sensor

This scope would not be ready until next Spring2024 as Pete is building a RH200 F/3 rig behind the scenes, it gives refractor type images due to the lack of diffraction spikes but lacks the aberrations associated with fast APOS and smallCMOS pixels cameras cool


RH200 AT