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Syndicate DATA - FTP Instructions was created by Phil

Hi all,

As of today any data that is destined for Pier 1, Pier 13, Pier 14 or Rhodium will be uploaded to the FTP server.
If you are familiar with using FTP then please use the details shown in your Dashboard for each Syndicate.

If you aren't familiar with FTP then please download FileZilla for free here
## First time setup of FileZilla ##
1. Open FileZilla
2. Click File -> Site Manager
3. Click "New Site" button and type in a name for the site
4. Host =
5. Encryption = Use Explicit TLS if Available.
6. User = Your username from dashboard.
7. Pass = Your password from dashboard.
8. Click ok to save and close the window.

## To connect to FTP to download ##
1. On main screen click the down arrow underneath File

2. Click the site you wish to connect to
3. Voila!

FTP server:
FTP Port: 21
Fill in the username as shown in your dashboard, and the password.

Please Note: The Password for each Syndicate FTP will change every Sunday at 8AM so be sure to use the new password each week.
Personal Data FTP passwords will remain static for now.

The left PANE of FileZilla is your computer, so navigate to a folder where you want your data to be on your computer.
The Right PANE of FileZilla is the remote FTP where you will find the datasets.
Once you have selected a folder in the left pane right click the datasets you wish to download and click' download'

If you have nay questions then please feel free to ask.

Phil McCauley
Roboscopes Staff
23 Jul 2021 10:19

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