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Roboscopes - Moon Avoidance Parameters was created by Asatron

For our users I thought it would help if I put our moon avoidance parameters in a easy to access place :)

One of the reasons it can take us unto 28-days to collect your data in some cases is our moon avoidance settings. In our experience even with 3nm narrowband filters, it only helps rather than eliminates the problem. Our distance settings are quite strong as the moon gets larger (10-20 days) and in some cases we may not even image at all at full moon as delivering sub par data is pointless.

Our solution is shown below with a bell curve representation. Day 15 = full moon

Luminance filter - settings are 120º at full Moon (120-10)

RGB, OIII filters & One Shot colour- settings are 110º at full Moon (110-7)

HA, NII & SII filters - settings are 90º at full Moon (90-7)
Please ignore my dylexia wherever possible, just be thankful I can control my Tourettes ;)
09 Sep 2020 09:57

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