From modest Refractors to create the ultimate widefield shot to large aperture beasts
Piers: 4,9,10,11 & 12 final testing delayed due to COVID-19

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Pier 1 - AD250

An exciting telescope from the new kid on the block 656 Imaging!

  • 10" F/6.8 Modified Dall Kirkham

  • Paramount MX Robotic Mount

  • QSI 683WSG Mono CCD Camera

Pier 2 - AD300

An exciting telescope from the new kid on the block 656 Imaging!

  • 12" F/6.8 Modified Dall Kirkham

  • Astro Physics AP900 Mount

  • Moravian G3 16200 Mono CCD

Pier 3 - ASA12N

12 inches of pure speed from the Austrian Telescope maker

  • ASA 12n 12" f/3.6 Newtonian Astrograph

  • Paramount ME Robotic Mount

  • FLI Proline PL-16803 CCD

Pier 4 - Widefield

Fast and ultra-wide photon hoover!

  • Sigma 105mm f/2 ART Lens

  • Skywatcher EQ8 Mount


Pier 5 - E180

The legendary f/2.8 Astrograph from Takahashi

  • Takahashi Epsilon 180-ED f/2.8

  • Software Bisque Paramount MX


Pier 6 - FSQ106

The legendary 106mm refractor from Takahashi

  • Takahashi FSQ-106ED f3.6

  • Software Bisque Paramount MX

  • QSI 683 Mono CCD Imaging Camera

Pier 7 - FLT132

A superb example of this telescope with legendary optics from Russia

  •  William Optics FLT-132 f/5.6 APO Refractor

  • Software Bisque Paramount MX

  • QSI 660wsg Mono

Pier 8 - RC12.5"

A mighty Ritchey–Chrétien from the legendary telescope maker

  • RCOS 12.5" f/9 RC

  • Software Bisque Paramount ME

  • FLI 11002 Microline Class 1 Mono CCD

Pier 9 - TMB152

Currently in Beta testing phase

6" of amazing glass from TMB that will deliver super tight stars across the field

  • TMB 152 - 6"f/8 LZOS Refractor

  • Paramount ME II Robotic Mount

  • FLI ML-8300 Mono CCD Camera

Pier 10 - AG14

Currently in Beta testing phase

A super fast light bucket with a 52mm diagonal CCD chip

  • 14" f/3.8  Corrected Newtonian

  • Paramount ME 2 Robotic Mount

  • FLI Microline ML16803 Mono CCD

Pier 11 - E130

Currently in Beta testing phase

The mighty yellow mini Epsilon from Takahashi

  • Takahashi Epsilon 130mm f/3.3

  • Paramount ME Robotic Mount

  • ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro Mono CMO

Pier 12 - CDK17

Currently in Beta testing phase

The beast that is the 17 inch Planewave

  • Planewave 17" F/6.8 Corrected Dall Kirkham

  • Paramount ME Robotic Mount

  • Moravian G4 16803 CCD Camera

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